YFE SAIPU Hunger Strike…..A True Story

This christmas eve when all christians over the world were spending time with their families and enjoying the christmas spirit of love and happiness….these brave souls sat down on hunger strike to show their protest against our government UNJUSTFUL RESERVATION QUOTA policy. Here is an article by one of our own IP University student……


As scheduled we went on a hunger strike yesterday.The group walked upto to the Rastrapati Bhawan and sat rite in front of the gate…The march was peaceful and no slogans were involved..The group,although small was effective……as they say “A LION is worth 100 SHEEPS”…

Hunger Strike IPU
Soon whole of the police force around was in panic…..officers rushin in on their VINTAGE motorbikes,jeeps n all….Soon the place was buzzing with people…we were gatherin support from people originaly not with us…strangers comin to us and appreciatin da effort…..Even POLICEMEN were supportin da cause…one of them even said..”Soon we will have reservations in jobs n duty shifts….like on monday OBC would be on duty in police,on TUE SCs…etc….”
But it was dere duty to make sure we vacate da place….and eventually RAF was called to make sure we leave da place….for a bunch of 20 peaceful protesting students…about 70 odd RAF personels were called….wat a way!!!!!!!!
They started negotiatin with us and promised us to leave us at Jantar Mantar if we peacefuly co-operate with them…our aim wasnt to disturb da law n order situation n so we agreed….but instead of takin them to jantar mantar,they took them to Central Sectt Police station…….i manged to escape da arrest along wid 2 oders….while they were held inside da station,we were standin outside,tryin to gather some support…we managed to get a doc from AIIMS came over and helped us…the students were released around 7PM…….

If you get to read today’s(25th dec),TOI..do turn to page 3 to read about it….

Ankit Garg

(Bhartiya Vidyapeeth)


See our Orkut Community for more updates…


Email: yfe.ipu@gmail.com


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Students Arrested !!

Today, 15 students were arrested by Delhi Police for holding a hunger strike to show protest against the Reservation Quota Bill.

Friends, these people are like you and me citizens of this country and when they have tried to stand up for something that is just and right, our government has a Article 144 slapped against them.

Are we free or not? Do we have the right to speech and expression here? This government is by, of and FOR the people. Aren’t they supposed to be serving us?

It is a humble request to all to please pass this message about student getting arrested to as many people as possible and also join in the movement to save our country from Second Partition which this UPA government seems to be aiming at.

We are all Indians, let us be united.

For details see….


YFE Student Association Orkut Community:


Email: yfe.ipu@gmail.com

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Mass Hunger Strike on 24th December

YFE’s Back

In view of the latest developments surrounding the 27.5% OBC Quota Issue, the Bill being passed by the Parliamentarians in the Lok Sabha, YFE(IP) along with Engineers from all across the country have decided to go on MASS HUNGER STRIKE on the 24th December.

The Supreme Court is yet to give their verdict on the issue, but it seems that Mr Arjun Singh pays no heed to that fact. Why make Laws when u can’t follow the Highest Law Implementing agency yourself??? The Govt has not taken into account the Veerappa Moily committee report, ostensibly formed by them to introduce changes in the Bill. The much debated Creamy Layer issue does not even get a mention in the Bill. There simply is no limit upto which these politicians can go for their Pesky Vote Bank Politics.

YFE is battling it all out in the Courts.

For long its been a Battle for Our Rights and The Country, but now its sheer Injustice. All of this leaves u Feeling Cheated.

Stand for Your Rights, if you won’t then who will? Don’t let the Politicians make a Fool out of you..

Calling all Warriors Back to the Front. Let us show this Government what we got…

YFE (IP) along with Engineers from across the Country goes on MASS HUNGER STRIKE in front of Rashtrapati Bhawan, Delhi. The last time YFE (IP) protested, there were around 500 people, we have to look at no less than 1000 this time. Spread the Word amongst your Friends. E mail and SMS as many people as u can.

Lastly, please change your Orkut and Yahoo Status to “YFE’s Back: MASS HUNGER STRIKE on 24th”

Date : Sunday, 24th Dec

Time : 9:30 AM

Venue: IP University, Kashmere Gate (We then proceed to Rastrapati Bhawan)

Mera Bharat Samaan
Jai Hind
Youth For Equality

Join YFE(IP) on Orkut – http://www.orkut.com/Community.aspx?cmm=15662178
YFE(IP) – 9899223732,9899356159,9810554283

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Kranti Diwas – Pics


We were denied Audi by the administration even when they assured us that we will be getting it, cancelling only at the last moment. Mr. Shiv Khera started addressing students outside the University Auditorium.


Taking the students towards University Grounds


Mr. Shiv Khera with Dr. Binod Khaitan from AIIMS Faculty Association


Without an Audi, people who felt for the cause came and sat on the ground


Equality Speech


Dr. Binod Khaitan


Tribute March in front of Red Fort


In front of Netaji’s statue, we pledge to fight till we succeed


All these people walked with us till the end, where were you?


Bike Rally reaches AIIMS

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Kranti Diwas – Vids

Tribute MarchIPU Students Marching in front of Red Fort
Tribute March part 2Police escorts the Rally across Red Fort
Tribute March part 3Vande Mataram
Bike Rally BlockedPolice tried to block the rally even when we should them we had permission and police escort
Bike RallyBike Rally going towards AIIMS
Bike Rally at AIIMSHum honge kaamyaab

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8th August 9.30 am, IP Univ campus

Say No to Caste-based Reservation

In 1942

In 2006


Mahatma Gandhi called upon the British Imperialists to



 The Youth calls upon Casteist Politicians to


Movement Begins…

  • Equality Speech by renowned author and orator – Mr. Shiv Khera and Dr. Binod Khaitan(AIIMS Faculty Association) in the University Auditorium

  • Motor Bike Rally that would visit all University Campuses and Colleges in Delhi … 150 bikers carrying National Flags and Equality Flags

  • Equality March upto Rajghat to pay Tribute to the Freedom Fighters who would not have sat quietly had it been them facing the divide and rule policies of any government


The Time has Come to take a Stand

If you keep Quiet Today, you will be Silenced Tomorrow

8th August, 9:30 AM

Indraprastha University Grounds

Kashmere Gate


Contact: yfe.ipu@gmail.com          Visit: http://www.youthforequality.in/

Similar events will take place in other Universities and Medical Colleges of Delhi

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UPA Govt divided on reservation issue

 Uncertainty has somewhat clouded the Manmohan Singh government’s controversial proposal to bring in a Bill, providing for 27 per cent reservation for OBCs in Central educational institutions, in the current monsoon session of Parliament as a high-level meeting of his several senior Cabinet colleagues, called by the Prime Minister today, to discuss the issue and the draft bill was understood to have failed to reach a consensus.
There were differences of opinions among Dr Singh’s colleagues over certain issues relating to proposed implementation of the quota regime from the next academic year. There was also said to be a view that the bill might not be legally fool-proof to withstand a judicial scrutiny.
Apart from the OBC quota proposal’s huge financial implications, some other tricky areas also include the question of exclusion of OBCs’ “creamy layer” from the bill’s ambit and the issue of the urgent need for massive upgradation of faculty and infrastructure in the institutions of higher learning and its realistic prospects.
Consequently, there seems to be now some uncertainty over the timing of the bill’s introduction pending the government’s final view, even as OBC MPs of the UPA are keen that the bill be introduced and passed in this session itself besides ensuring its implementation in one go.
The issue is likely to be taken up by the Union Cabinet at its meeting scheduled for tomorrow.
There is the point that the reservation proposal could be implemented without impacting the quality of education only if the government puts in nearly Rs 16,500 crore.
Apart from Mr Arjun Singh, Mr Sharad Pawar, Mr Pranab Mukherjee, Mr P Chidambaram and Mr H R Bhardawaj were said to be present at the meeting today.
Mr Arjun Singh, however, later reiterated that the bill would be tabled in the ongoing session of Parliament.
The government is actually faced with a major problem : Mr Arjun Singh wants OBC reservation to be implemented in one stroke.

The HRD minister had earlier discussed the issue with the PM also and pressed for his demand. But sources said the PM had conveyed his reservations. He reportedly made it clear to the minister that the matter was before the Cabinet Secretariat, which is consulting the Planning Commission, finance ministry and other concerned agencies for detailed projects and action plans.
In the face of such major problems, the possibility could not be ruled out that the government might finally decide to go in for phased implementation of the 27 per cent reservation for OBCs, depending on funds and infrastructure available. The interim report with its recommendations submitted to the PM last week by Mr Veerappa Moily, chairman of the oversight committee set up by the government to look into the implementation of the OBC quota, have indicated that implementing the quota within one year was an “unrealistic goal”. The sub-groups of the committee have suggested implementing it in a phased manner.
Mr Moily has on various occasions stated that it was practically impossible to implement the 27 per cent quota in one stroke. Institutions like IITs and IIMs have also favoured implementation in phases in view of paucity of additional and upgraded infrastructure facilities required for the purpose.
The group for management institutions headed by the former director of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, Mr Samuel Paul, has unequivocally recommended that the B-schools should reserve 27 per cent of seats in a phased manner “over at least a few years”. The IIM-Bangalore director, Mr Prakash G Apte, had recently said a “minimum of three years” or probably four years was needed to implement the policy.
The oversight committee has stated that it was committed to its mandate that the implementation process needs to commence from 2007-’08. However, certain constraints have been mentioned by the institutions through groups concerning the time frame for implementation, especially the possibility of sudden expansion leading to loss of merit and excellence. “These issues and practical constraints will be addressed by the oversight committee, institution wise, on receipt of the groups’ final reports,” the committee’s interim report had pointed out.

for more info :: http://www.thestatesman.net/page.news.php?clid=2&theme=&usrsess=1&id=125414

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